Fusion Graphene

We invite everyone to come drive the future of clean with the new FUS10N GRAPHENE smartwash. The way we see it, it’s no longer enough for a car wash to just remove dirt, it’s time for a smarter wash, one that restores, shines and protects the surfaces of your vehicle as well as cleans better than ever. Cars are huge investments that depreciate rapidly if not cared for properly. This premium wash is a fusion of both Graphene and Ceramic to deliver unprecedented strength of luster and protection.

Welcome to beauty that’s harder than a diamond and 200x tougher than steel.

FUS10N GRAPHENE is a game-changer that you’ll notice after your first smartwash, and then watch it gain more luster, depth, and protection with every additional wash. Once again we can say with confidence that “the best wash out there, is in here”.

Tell me more, sounds cool, but how
does that magic happen?

Tell me more, sounds cool, but how does that magic happen?

Our Fus10n Graphene wash is a fusion of both Graphene and Ceramic blended to provide a thin but unprecedented tough protective layer on your vehicles surface. The protective layer offers high abrasion resistance to protect from marks, swirls and scratches. Plus, the strength of the layer provides a barrier to chemicals and damaging materials that cause corrosion.

Fus10n Graphene is also incredibly hydrophobic, so moisture slides off car surfaces to avoid water spotting. Thermal and electrical conductivity of Graphene means it is anti-static, repelling dust and other microparticles. And then the most beautiful part, Graphene improves glossiness and adds a slick-almost wet-looking- showroom appearance to vehicle exteriors.

How on earth,
can it be that smart?

Graphene is a single layer of graphite, one atom thick. A carbon-based nanoparticle, graphene is arranged in a honeycomb structure. This very thin substance is often referred to as the “miracle material”, being the lightest and strongest material known. “It’s harder than diamond and 200x tougher than steel”, yet it is flexible which makes it the optimal ingredient for our top smartwash. 

Just how much do we believe in the science of Fus10n Graphene and it’s stunning luster? Let’s just say it’s the only wash that will ever touch the Cloud10 smartwash blue Ferrari.