Frequently Asked Questions


What is a smartwash?
The Cloud10 smartwash is the car wash re-thought and re-engineered from the ground up. Cleaner. Greener. Safer. Faster. And Better. State-of-the-art A.I. technology and innovative cleansers delivering a higher level of clean, shine and protection than a regular car wash.
Do you offer interior detailing at any of your locations?
We do not currently offer interior detailing at any of our locations. However, we provide the use of vacuums, towels, window cleaner, and mat washers at no additional charge.
Is there any issue with my vinyl, wrap, plexiglass top, Corvette,etc.?
While we do not foresee any issues, we always recommend you show the manager on site prior to entry to confirm.
What if I am not happy with my wash?
If you are not satisfied with your car wash, please speak with any Cloud10 team member at your Cloud10 location. Our team will make sure you leave with the amazing car wash you were expecting.
Do you sell Gift Cards?
You can purchase gift cards at any of our locations. They are available for purchase at the kiosk but you can always speak to someone on our team who would be happy to assist you. Our Cloud10 gift cards are good for single wash purchases only. You cannot use a gift card to purchase a monthly wash plan, prepaid club plan or additional Cloud10 gift cards. They cannot be used in our vending machines.
Will it affect my ceramic coating?
Our ceramic sealant and graphene coating, when applied to or over a Ceramic resin coating, will positively impact the surface by adding layers of protection. These products do not have any materials that would wear or corrode surfaces. The biggest difference between ceramic and graphene is the size of the molecules. The graphene product has substantially smaller molecules. The surface reaction, bonding is the same, but because of the smaller molecules, this allows the graphene to "squeeze" into any voids that the larger ceramic molecules may not have filled completely. Thus, filling any gaps, this is also why we see the shine improve and also gives the graphene an opportunity to harden , protect the surface better.

Cloud10 Club Membership/Plans

How does a Cloud10 Club membership work?
With a wash plan membership you can wash your vehicle every day of the month. However, we do not recommend doing so as it may cause unnecessary wear on your vehicle. At the time of purchase, depending upon your Cloud10 location, we will apply a set of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to your vehicle or capture your license plate tag information. After the first visit, while your plan remains active, our system will read the RFID tags (or license plate) and identify you as a plan member. Your credit card will automatically be charged every 30 days from the initial date of purchase unless or until you cancel. If you choose to cancel, we ask for 10 days’ notice before your next billing date for a cancellation request. You can still use the services through the end of your billing cycle, the 10 days allows us to process all requests.
Can I use my membership at all Cloud10 locations?
Yes! You may use your membership at any of our locations. If for any reason, the gate does not open please speak to a member of our team for assistance. Please visit for a list of our locations.
Do you have a multi vehicle plan discount or family plan?
We currently offer a multi-vehicle plan discount with our Fusion Graphene and Fusion Ceramic plans. You may have up to five vehicles on a discounted plan. There is one billing date per month for the total price for all vehicles on the plan. The first vehicle is charged the regular full price each month and the second through fifth vehicles on the plan receive a 20% discount off the regular rate for each vehicle, each month. A member of our team at Cloud10 would be happy to assist you in setting up a multi-vehicle plan.
What happens if I purchase a new vehicle?
Please speak to a member of our team at your Cloud10 to let them know you would like to replace the vehicle on your plan. Depending upon your location, your license plate tag will be replaced in our system; or we will apply a set of RFID tags to your new vehicle. The old license plate tag or RFID tags will automatically become inactive at that time. We do only allow one change of a vehicle on your plan every 6 months.
How do I change the credit card on file?
We cannot take your credit card information over the phone or via email, for your security. You can visit your Cloud10 and ask a member of our team to change the credit card for you. You can also visit to change your credit card on file with us. Our system will look for a phone number match. If your phone number is not in our system, it will not find a match to your account.
Can I change my billing date?
No, unfortunately you cannot change the billing date. You are automatically charged every 30 days from the date of purchase.