What on earth is a smartwash?

What’s the difference?

The short answer?

Cleaner. Greener. Safer. Faster. Better.

From our perspective, the world had moved forward and got a whole bunch smarter, more efficient, user-friendly, but for some reason the good ole car wash didn’t.

How big was this problem that we were trying to solve? To find the answers we asked a lot of people a lot of questions, especially women and moms, who seemed to have the most issues with the overall “car wash” experience to begin with. They ended up giving us almost all the information we needed, and Cloud10 smartwash was born.

Why a smartwash?

We started with the basics, and overall physical appearance, amount of space, cleanliness, UX and ease of entry and exit, creating plenty of room, flatscreen info, touchscreen POS.

Then came engineering the tunnel itself, equipped with the latest, greatest, safest and greenest smart-tech and AI. Engineered with the earth in mind, we figured out how to deliver a better and safer clean that uses less power, less cleansers, less water.

Soooo without waiting, and within minutes, you can exit our smart-tunnel pristine, dry, and madly in love with your car again. Then head over to our smartcare DIY area and have at it with our state of the art vacuums, blowers, mat cleaners, rug beaters, and yes, even our soon-to-be-famous microfiber towels and glass cleaner.

So the interior of your beloved vehicle is cleaned to the highest standard there is, yours

Better science
Creating greater value
For our customers.

The Cloud10 smartwash mission is to deliver the highest level of clean, experience, and service possible, in order to set a whole new new standard for our customers, our communities, and for our industry.

How do we do it? By using the best science has to offer, at every turn. By engineering we can deliver this unprecedented quality of wash to a maximum amount of customers wherever we do business, across ALL demographics, enabling A premium wash experience accessible to all 7 days a week.

To be the best at what we do, we’re always in motion moving the smartwash experience forward, improving, adjusting, upgrading to stay ahead of the competition as well as ahead of our customers' expectations. From construction, smart technology, A.I. and cleanser chemistry down to the strength of our vacuum suction... we’ll never cut corners, regardless of what the economy, inflation, or price of materials, throw at us.

The only thing that we can control is the supremacy of our product, and to that we are unwaivering. Yes, we might cost a little more than some, and less than others, but by sticking to these high standards our customers will always receive an unrivaled value, and The best wash out there will always be, in here.